I am….

I am enlightened every day because I witnessed the pure power of prayer as my source of reliance for contentment and sustenance. I am now spiritual.

I am wiser every day because I learn from every embarrassing failure and I am not intimidated to try new things as daunting as they may seem. I am now a prodigy.

I am stronger every day because I recognise that it doesn’t make me weak to admit a mistake and apologise rather than convincing myself that things will get better and it wasn’t my fault. I am now unbreakable.

I am leaner every day because I selectively eliminate toxic people, harmful habits and poisonous thoughts. I am now wholesome.

I am prettier every day because instead of focusing on what is ugly and wrong with my body; I embrace every single one of my imperfections. I am now exquisite.

I am kinder every day because I realise that behind most impeccable and robust exteriors, is a concealed dilemma and just one thoughtful word can be the difference between a good and bad day. I am now compassionate.

I am quieter every day because I listen more and talk less. The silence is communicative and has become my solace. I am now confident.

I am richer every day because I spend less on stuff I don’t really need but rather save and invest in my kids’ futures because life can change in a second and daddy may not always be around. I am now prosperous.

I am fitter every day because I ran a kilometer further than last week and did ten more squats than yesterday. I am now a machine.

I am happier every day because I accept situations that are out of my control and cannot be changed. Instead of being miserable, I decided to wear my big girl panties and move on. I am now mature.

I am growing every day because I choose to walk away from situations that are squashing my inner sanctity and stifling my abilities when they were intended to generate the exact opposite. I am now unstoppable.

I am spiritual.

I am a prodigy.

I am unbreakable.

I am wholesome.

I am exquisite.

I am compassionate.

I am confident.

I am prosperous.

I am a machine.

I am mature.

I am unstoppable.


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