Devoted Wife
Mum of 3 beautiful kids constantly learning this thing called motherhood
Daughter, sister and friend
Professional trying to make my mark in the investment industry
And most recently…..blogger!!!

Is it just me or is the world of social media resulting in people’s perception of reality to be all about glitz, glamour and perfection nowadays? Instagram posts are all about ridiculously expensive bags placed strategically on a trendy restaurant’s table where gourmet food has been pecked on whilst discussing the latest makeup trend. Facebook check-ins are of business class lounges en route to exotic destinations with a glimpse of a designer shoe sneaking into the photo. Whilst that may be the regal reality of a handful; the majority of us do not play in that league and are simply trying to tackle ordinary, daily challenges while still enjoying the simple pleasures of life. So that’s exactly what this blog will explore – real life, realistic thoughts and raw emotions. All in an effort to  live life with a greater purpose in the most simple and enjoyable way possible.

Be sure to look out for the “Life Book Hacks” feature for obvious and ordinary, but mostly overlooked tips to simplify life.